@calliegorman was my witness
  1. I moved last night and the moving company called me at 1pm to let me know that they wouldn't be able to make it (scheduled at 5pm) but don't worry! They scheduled another company for me!
  2. The new company arrived at 6:15.
  3. I left to go open my new place half way through their packing to pick up my keys and have the door open and ready.
  4. When they arrived there were two trucks battling for the freight elevator that were both supposed to be cleared by 5pm when I had it reserved (it was around 7pm)
  5. The movers had to use the regular elevator to move my things and during the process one of the two regular elevators got stuck with people in it.
  6. When they started moving my boxes in I was like "why are they all upside down?" Oh only because I forgot to tape the bottom of ALL OF THEM and thought that tucking the corners into each other would be enough
  7. When my furniture got there a bunch of it was scratched and one of my drawers was broken because one of the movers "dropped it"
    They didn't wrap my furniture or do anything to protect it. I managed to negotiate it to $100 off at least.
  8. That night one of the movers, knowing he did a terrible job and I was not happy, had the boldness to text me this
    I thought he was going to apologize for being miserable. Instead, this.
  9. This morning I was leaving for a flight first thing, got to the airport and realized I didn't bring my laptop.
    Hopefully my office doesn't have any last minute needs!
  10. Also! Realized I didn't bring my wallet!!!
    No ID, no credit cards, fortunately they let me on with an extra pat down and search with my Health Insurance Card and prescription. Yay no drinking and borrowing money from family all holiday weekend!
  11. Anyway I'm on the plane now and my life sucks bye!
    Adult life!!!!!!