Happy #Draftmas, I wrote this two months ago, ur welcome @aprilkquioh
  1. I accidentally got a BlueApron delivery yesterday bc I forgot to skip this week and I'm just choosing not to deal with it because it made me feel too stressed
    I just put the entire box in my fridge without opening it. That's a lie, the box is sitting in the lobby of my building still.
  2. I picked a fight with my sister on gchat because I was feeling moody and bored at work so I then impulsively paid to have rice pudding mailed to her as an apology
  3. So I spent a good chunk of money on food I'm not even going to eat this week
  4. Hunger is a real issue and I feel obligated to donate to a food bank to make up for my waste, which is more money on food I won't eat
  5. I'm really ashamed to even write this honestly, especially because I am also behind on my health insurance payments right now
  6. I'm terrible because I'm stressed and I'm stressed because I'm terrible
  7. It's okay I still have Halloween candy I can eat for dinner