1. If someone asks me my favorite font I say, "You mean typeface. And that's so stupid, it depends on what you're designing. But also, Akzidenz Grotesk."
  2. Giving decor and fashion input to friends like, "No but I studied color in college."
  3. Consistently defending things that are all style and no substance
  4. Judging books by their covers
  5. Judging restaurants by their logos
  6. Judging people by their aesthetics
  7. Kerning just for fun
  8. Bragging about my high scores on the kerning test
  9. Not telling you what kerning means just now
  10. Bragging about my perfect color vision
  11. Listening to the soundtrack of "Koyaanisqatsi" and thinking about how technology has ruined beauty
  12. Feeling like anything I design that doesn't solve a complex world problem is selling my soul
  13. Staunch opinions on the character of famous designers
    "Half of Paul Rand's work was him telling the client to go fuck themselves."
  14. Crying over Swiss posters
  15. Endless complaining about "design hobbyists"
    "Everyone and their mom thinks they're a designer these days. You're not a doctor just because you like medicine. Looking at UX patterns on Pinterest isn't design school." ~A rant by me on any given day