Some essential Netflix original series pairings with juices you can spill on yourself when trying to drink them while laying down in bed and watching Netflix
  1. "Bloodline" and a dribble of cranberry juice
  2. "Orange is the New Black" and a pool of orange juice on your new sheets
  3. "Grace and Frankie" and apple juice that got in your hair somehow and now it's all sticky
  4. "Master of None" and POG juice that you knocked over when reaching for snacks
  5. "Narcos" and grapefruit juice that you got all over your face from drinking too fast
  6. "Bojack Horseman" and tomato juice that you kind of enjoy but then suddenly it tastes very bitter and you spit it out
  7. "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and grape juice on a new, white shirt that you spilled because you were trying to feel fancy by drinking it out of a wine glass
  8. "House of Cards" and a steady stream of V8 splash coming out of the side of your cup every time you sip but you don't notice until it starts to seep through your pants
  9. "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" and lemonade that you got on the counter because you weren't being careful enough pouring it into your glass
  10. "Sense8" and green juice that you drank half of because you liked it but didn't fully get it and then you threw it in the garbage but you missed the garbage so now it's all over your floor
  11. "Jessica Jones" and a coconut water you're just drinking because it's what everyone else says is good and then you kind of spill it on purpose so you can pretend like you were into it