Rappers just love Nia Long guys!! Probably because she's perfect
  1. Kanye West "Touch the Sky"
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    "Couldn't keep it at home, thought I needed a Nia Long"
  2. Nas "Oochie Wally"
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    "Like Nia Long in a cherry thong with the lights on"
  3. Juicy J "Bandz A Make Her Dance"
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    "Short hair like Nia Long"
  4. Chingy "Dem Jeans"
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    "Damn, you look like Nia Long"
  5. Jay Z "Girls, Girls, Girls (Remix)"
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    "You a light skinned Nia, a dark skinned Aaliyah, a black Jennifer Lopez, a ghetto senorita"
  6. J. Cole "No Role Modelz"
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    "My only regret, was too young for Nia Long"
  7. Lil Wayne "Novocane"
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    "Our relationship was short and sweet, Nia Long"
  8. Ghostface Killah "The Hilton"
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    "Heard Nia Long is in the building"
  9. Meek Mill "I'm Leanin"
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    "Puffin on strong, gettin gold, bad bitches lookin like Nia Long"
  10. A$AP Ferg "Nia Long"
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    The whole song is about Nia Long
  11. Nia Long is our definitive queen, guys. Bow down 👑