Inspired by @k8mcgarry
  1. Kate Middleton's style
    She's great but not my aesthetic
  2. Fabletics by Kate Hudson
    Just not for me
  3. Shirred hemlines
    Kill me
  4. Purple
    Not my aesthetic
  5. Henry Cavill
    Lost on me
  6. Shirts with shoulder cut outs
    Hard pass
  7. A college dorm with a "Scarface" poster on the wall
    Run, don't walk, right on outta there
  8. Video games
    I hate all video games?
  9. "Please welcome, Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio"
    Will never be my aesthetic, Leo memes are always my aesthetic
  10. White iPhones
    You can't win me over with your flashy gold and pink gold... Black phone 4 life
  11. Brightly colored leather jackets
    Black leather jackets are a perfect aesthetic, let them live
  12. Molly Ringwald 80's fashion
    I feel like the 80s were mostly garbage as a decade??????? Fight me
  13. Cosplay
    Like by all means live your lives but these just really are NOT my aesthetic
  14. Buffalo Wild Wings
  15. Herve Leger
  16. Jeff Koons
  17. Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella
    Super nope
  18. Snapchat
    Honestly I hate this app. That ghost can go far away from me please. Ugh it's ugly and stupid but I still use to to be part of the zeitgeist
  19. Minions
    Take me as far away as you can from minions
  20. The white person who enjoys camping aesthetic
    Give me whatever the opposite of this is