1. Opening number: I'm bawling my eyes out
    Just thinking about the show as a whole. Bawling continues throughout the show. Especially at That Would Be Enough, It's Quiet Uptown, and the entire last 10 minutes of the show.
  2. John Rua plays Hamilton very well and VERY differently from Lin-Manuel Miranda
    He plays a much more stoic Hamilton? He was less of a rapper and more of a musical theater actor in his interpretation. It was really different which I liked because a LMM impression would have made me sad. And it was cool to experience a whole new take on things when I am so familiar with LMM's delivery from listening to the soundtrack every day of my life. I still missed Lin tho bc he is bae.
  3. Eliza was also an understudy, who was EXCELLENT
    I really liked her! She had an amazing voice. "Helpless" was one of my favorite numbers to watch even though from the soundtrack I liked it but it wasn't high up for me.
  4. Leslie Odom Jr.
    I kept hearing about how incredible he was in this show and guess what!!! It's all true! "Room Where It Happens" wasn't a favorite of mine before but DAMN live that shit knocks it out of the park! He is BEYOND 😍
  5. The rest of the cast was also as amazing as you'd expect
    I love how Daveed Diggs can bring so much personality AND clarity to his raps. Renee Elise Goldsberry is obviously a queen. Everyone is just royalty!
  6. SPEAKING OF ROYALTY: Holy shit, Jonathan Groff
    Okay. Like we all heard on the soundtrack how amazing Groffsauce was and so I expected him to be amazing. Well, he was like far more amazing than I ever could have hoped. He made all these small movements, shoulder shimmies etc. that were incredible. Everyone in the audience is beaming when he's on stage. He also like does some dance moves on the outskirts of the stage during some other numbers which I didn't expect, and even broke Leslie Odom Jr. once bc he was so hilarious. The perfect man.
  7. The choreography and sets were so simple and so effective
    Subtle movements, calculated chair sets, and rotating circle in the center did so much. I was drooling.
  8. My expectations were that it would be absolutely perfect and it was truly, absolutely perfect. Far and away the best musical I've ever seen
    As @calliegorman said, "It kind of makes all other musicals seem really silly." I still love musicals but this is other level. Also I think it's just like the best piece of art I've ever seen? Mona Lisa and shit included? (What's the deal w/ the Mona Lisa, seems like a B- painting to me). Anyway it's also the best just THING I've ever seen except maybe dogs.
  9. I am so lucky I got to see this and wish everyone could have the opportunity because it's so important and so beautiful
    I just think about little children growing up and seeing that someone who looks like them and sounds like them can tell the story of American history. I'm not crying, you're crying. 💕😭💕