1. They let you try on Medieval smocks at the V&A, I was into it
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  2. Me, blending in with a local Griffin
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  3. I was rly pumped for this but also my immense foot pain is not pictured
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  4. Trafalgar Square? I've seen better squares
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  5. My thoughts on Westminster Abbey
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  6. My thoughts on St. Paul's Cathedral
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  7. This is where they used to have beheadings
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  8. In my element
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  9. All I wanted was a pic of me at Platform 9 3/4, and fortunately @calliegorman took a really good one
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    Just kidding, it's garbage
  10. I loved taking pubic transit
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  11. We went on a night time bus tour
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  12. I'm having a good time
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  13. This is my "having fun" face
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  14. I loved it
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