Figure your days will probably be full of spooks so I wanted to bring you all a taste of the most delightful images imaginable
  1. Here's Dwayne Johnson with a dog
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  2. Here he is again with that dog, from the other side
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  3. Here he is feeding a little French Bulldog
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  4. Here he is with it again
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  5. Here he is holding two French Bulldogs in a pool
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  6. Here he is with them again
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  7. Here he is with a regular Bulldog
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  8. Here he is with that Bulldog in its own football stadium
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  9. Here he is with some more dogs
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  10. Here he is kissing a chihuahua
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  11. Here he is with another dog that just wants to kiss that face
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  12. Here he is with this lil guy
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  13. Here he is with this lil guy
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  14. Here he is coaching some dogs through a tough workout
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  15. Here he is with a dog wearing a Santa hat
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  16. Here he is pretending to eat a dog! (Don't worry it's just pretend!)
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  17. Here he is with another dog (Just kidding it's a cat! Don't be too spooked!!)
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  18. Dwayne Johnson is a hero and I hope he brings you all joy on a scary day!