Figure your days will probably be full of spooks so I wanted to bring you all a taste of the most delightful images imaginable
  1. Here's Dwayne Johnson with a dog
  2. Here he is again with that dog, from the other side
  3. Here he is feeding a little French Bulldog
  4. Here he is with it again
  5. Here he is holding two French Bulldogs in a pool
  6. Here he is with them again
  7. Here he is with a regular Bulldog
  8. Here he is with that Bulldog in its own football stadium
  9. Here he is with some more dogs
  10. Here he is kissing a chihuahua
  11. Here he is with another dog that just wants to kiss that face
  12. Here he is with this lil guy
  13. Here he is with this lil guy
  14. Here he is coaching some dogs through a tough workout
  15. Here he is with a dog wearing a Santa hat
  16. Here he is pretending to eat a dog! (Don't worry it's just pretend!)
  17. Here he is with another dog (Just kidding it's a cat! Don't be too spooked!!)
  18. Dwayne Johnson is a hero and I hope he brings you all joy on a scary day!