My mom passed away from cancer in 2011 and was undoubtedly the queen of livin it up. I miss her a lot and try to live it up half as much as she did. Today is her birthday, happy birthday Mom!
  1. Livin it up w/ me in a waterfall
  2. Livin it up skiing
    That look! Come on!
  3. Livin it up at a wedding
  4. Livin it up with Lifesavers
    She worked at Dancer Fitzgerald on the Lifesavers account bc she was basically Peggy Olson!!
  5. Livin it up at another waterfall
  6. General livin it up
    I think this is another ad agency pic, or she was on an 80s variety show and I dont know about it
  7. Livin it up w/Martha Stewart
    She worked for Ocean Spray and helped them sponsor Martha
  8. Livin it up like, "no pictures plz!!"
    Celeb status
  9. Livin it up w/ Caitlyn Jenner
    Served as her assistant during a celebrity tennis match
  10. Livin it up when we were Grand Marshals of the Disney World parade
  11. Livin it up at the Grand Canyon
    I am also livin it up here bc my look is 💯
  12. Livin it up by a pool
  13. Livin it up on a camel
  14. Livin it up just kickin back with some "1776" by David McCollough
  15. Livin it up in college
  16. Livin it up in the tropics
    That hair ??? 💯
  17. Livin it up w/ some beers
  18. Livin it up in a WHITE jumpsuit
    She's really killin a tough look here
  19. Livin it up on a cliff
  20. Livin it up in the tropics again
  21. And again, basically the queen of tropical glamour shots
  22. "Excuse me I can't pose for a pic right now, I'm too busy livin it up"
  23. Livin it up snorkeling
  24. The tropical glamour shots keep on coming
  25. Livin it up w/ the best eyebrows in Hollywood
    He also left me and my sister a message. We were dying, Sandy Cohen!! My mom went to all the upfronts to represent Ocean Spray so basically if you know someone on a networks TV show between 2004 and 2010, she met them
  26. Livin it up on New Years Eve
  27. In the tropics again, rocking a romper
  28. Queen. Of. Tropical. Glam. Shots.
  29. Livin it up in Cape Cod or something cause she was classy
  30. This just screams, "I live it up!"
  31. Livin it up at her wedding
  32. Livin it up w/ me on a camel again
    In Morocco
  33. Oh look, another tropical glamour shot
  34. And another
  35. Livin it up on a safari in South Africa
  36. Livin it up w/ me in Paris
  37. May we all live it up today and every day in honor of her!!!