My mom passed away from cancer in 2011 and was undoubtedly the queen of livin it up. I miss her a lot and try to live it up half as much as she did. Today is her birthday, happy birthday Mom!
  1. Livin it up w/ me in a waterfall
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  2. Livin it up skiing
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    That look! Come on!
  3. Livin it up at a wedding
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  4. Livin it up with Lifesavers
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    She worked at Dancer Fitzgerald on the Lifesavers account bc she was basically Peggy Olson!!
  5. Livin it up at another waterfall
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  6. General livin it up
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    I think this is another ad agency pic, or she was on an 80s variety show and I dont know about it
  7. Livin it up w/Martha Stewart
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    She worked for Ocean Spray and helped them sponsor Martha
  8. Livin it up like, "no pictures plz!!"
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    Celeb status
  9. Livin it up w/ Caitlyn Jenner
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    Served as her assistant during a celebrity tennis match
  10. Livin it up when we were Grand Marshals of the Disney World parade
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  11. Livin it up at the Grand Canyon
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    I am also livin it up here bc my look is 💯
  12. Livin it up by a pool
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  13. Livin it up on a camel
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  14. Livin it up just kickin back with some "1776" by David McCollough
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  15. Livin it up in college
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  16. Livin it up in the tropics
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    That hair ??? 💯
  17. Livin it up w/ some beers
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  18. Livin it up in a WHITE jumpsuit
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    She's really killin a tough look here
  19. Livin it up on a cliff
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  20. Livin it up in the tropics again
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  21. And again, basically the queen of tropical glamour shots
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  22. "Excuse me I can't pose for a pic right now, I'm too busy livin it up"
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  23. Livin it up snorkeling
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  24. The tropical glamour shots keep on coming
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  25. Livin it up w/ the best eyebrows in Hollywood
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    He also left me and my sister a message. We were dying, Sandy Cohen!! My mom went to all the upfronts to represent Ocean Spray so basically if you know someone on a networks TV show between 2004 and 2010, she met them
  26. Livin it up on New Years Eve
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  27. In the tropics again, rocking a romper
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  28. Queen. Of. Tropical. Glam. Shots.
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  29. Livin it up in Cape Cod or something cause she was classy
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  30. This just screams, "I live it up!"
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  31. Livin it up at her wedding
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  32. Livin it up w/ me on a camel again
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    In Morocco
  33. Oh look, another tropical glamour shot
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  34. And another
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  35. Livin it up on a safari in South Africa
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  36. Livin it up w/ me in Paris
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  37. May we all live it up today and every day in honor of her!!!