happy 26th bday @calliegorman! you taught me everything I know about the SCD lifestyle
  1. sassycat diva totally over this picture
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  2. sassycat home alone face
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  3. sassycat diva
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  4. pure sassycat diva realness!
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  5. the sassycat diva look
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  6. sassycat diva making a turkey but still keeping the sass on brand
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  7. sassycat saloon girl
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  8. sassycat easter divas
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  9. sassycat head piece
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  10. sassycat diva rocking red sequin suspenders
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  11. sassycat diva floral leggings
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  12. total sassycat pose
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  13. a couple of sassycat divas rocking bucket hats
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  14. sassycat diva drinking a smoothie and lounging
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  15. sassycat diva drinking a smoothie and lounging again
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  16. sassycat divas at the vatican
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  17. making new friends like a sassycat diva
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  18. sassycat social butterfly!
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  19. sassycat diva finger wave
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  20. sassycat diva
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  21. sassycat super diva
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  22. sassycat don't even try
    F7426935 b5b6 4f20 9d34 4b4498b84444
  23. sassycat bo$$
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  24. sassycat diva
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  25. textbook sassycat diva
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  26. one sassycat diva dressed as another sassycat diva
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  27. extreme sassycat diva
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  28. sassycat diva probably listening to our dad explain something
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  29. sassycat not impressed
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  30. sassycat doesn't have time for this
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  31. sassycat really tho
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  32. lady gaga wishes she was this sassycat
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  33. sassycat like i even care diva
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  34. sassycat diva for life
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  35. keep it sassycat, keep it diva everyone
    love u callie g! happy bd!