1. "Legally Blonde"
    Elle Woods is the ultimate feminist. She ditches the guy in favor of her education and continuously uplifts and supports the women around her, even the ones who treat her like shit. She deals with not being taken seriously in a professional environment and uses her femininity as a strength. She is a queen.
  2. The Dixie Chicks' album "Fly"
    "Ready to Run," "Goodbye Earl," "Hole in My Head"
  3. Madeline
    "I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline, and inside I'm great!" We should all start our mornings like this.
  4. "Troop Beverly Hills"
    Phyllis Nefler, another feminist icon who uses her femininity as a strength to uplift the young women when no one believes in her. Queen.
  5. "The First Wives Club"
    The power of female friendship. Bette, Goldie, Diane. It's all so beautiful. "You don't own me!!!"
  6. Matilda
    Showed us that little girls who read can do anything.
  7. The Spice Girls
    Girl Power!! I remember in a Spice Girls book I had as a kid Geri said her goal was to show people "that a girl with big boobs has got a brain." I thought it was so scandalous and wonderful that she talked about boobs.
  8. Destiny's Child
    "Question: tell me what you think about me. I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings." Gave us Beyoncé, gave us "Bills, Bills, Bills." The best.
  9. "Miss Congeniality"
    Grace Hart goes in with one opinion of pageant women and comes out with an understanding that being femme doesn't mean you're weak, and the beauty of women supporting other women. Makeover and pageantry aside, Grace Hart's transformation is an important lesson many feminists have to learn that you don't have to be sexless and "one of the guys" to be a powerful woman.