1. Panther Hollow Inn
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    This bar doesn't even exist anymore but it was my favorite, most disgusting place in the world
  2. Ritter's Diner
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    The best little diner in the city
  3. Union Pig and Chicken
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    Delicious BBQ in East Liberty
  4. Phipps Conservatory
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    Magical gardens
  5. The Manor Theatre
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    The best indie movie theater
  6. Point Brugge Cafe
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    Moule frites until I die
  7. BRGR Bar
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    Good burgers and great alcoholic milkshakes
  8. Smallman Street Deli
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    The best Jewish deli in Squirrel Hill
  9. Hofbrauhaus
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    Feels like the Germany section of Epcot and I'm very into it
  10. Mount Washington
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    The most beautiful view
  11. PNC Park
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    Also a beautiful view, tickets are so cheap, they have a hot dog gun and mascots dressed as pierogis who race around the field
  12. Schenley Park
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    Great for picnics and low key college day drinking
  13. Casbah
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    Delicious food in a beautiful patio space
  14. Girasole
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    Cozy, yummy Italian in Shadyside