Inspired by @xtineengels
  1. Age 6: The Spice Girls
    I remember when I first heard The Spice Girls as a kindergartener at my cousin's high school graduation party. It went on to be the first CD that I bought and a cornerstone of my life.
  2. Age 10: "Legally Blonde"
    A damn feminist masterpiece and I didn't even know it, yet I built my life around it
  3. Age 11: "SpongeBob SquarePants"
    Still the funniest show???? Made me smart, built my entire friendship with @jamiecat which is very valuable
  4. Age 12: Friends
    Ignited my love for TV and comedy. @calliegorman and I bought each other all the seasons on DVD. The first show I ever truly loved AND BINGED (ugh)
  5. Age 13: "Wicked"
    Took me from interested in musicals to ride or die for musicals
  6. Age 14: VH1's "I Love the..." and "Best Week Ever"
    Helped me devour pop culture which is now my main language, literally these shows are my brand
  7. Age 15: "Jordan, Jesse, Go!"
    The first comedy podcast I loved. Used to listen to it while falling asleep at sleepovers. Helped make me a comedy nerd. Also podcasts were literally something only me liked for 10 years and I liked it that way
  8. Age 15: "Harry Potter"
    I felt like a loser pretty much always and struggled with bullying/cliques in middle school, but in high school found new friends who also loved Harry Potter. I went from casual reader to intense fan bc of their influence and it was great. It suddenly was my main thing
  9. Age 15: Fall Out Boy
    Understood me. I didn't fit in but I also wasn't cool, but this made me feel like I had an identity. If you didn't like Fall Out Boy, you just didn't ~understand~
  10. Age 16: Kanye West
    Graduation came out and I woke up to Mr. West! I credit his early work for teaching me so much about race, etc. as a suburban white teen blasting "and the white man get paid off of all of that" in my certified pre-owned Jeep. I thought it was very cool to LOVE Kanye and deeply defended him forever like even now
  11. Age 16: Fiona Apple
    I felt sad and strange and alone. I didn't know why things seemed harder for me than they were for other people. Then I found Fiona and she keeps me company to this day. Every lyric felt like my diary then and still does now. She is my closest friend!
  12. Age 16: "Mad Men"
    The first TV show I ever loved in high school. It was mine. Taught me about TV dramas that weren't just "The OC" (no shade). Opened my world and got me to keep exploring my favorite medium. Showed me flawed women dealing w the patriarchy. The best.
  13. Age 17: Charlie Kaufman movies
    I went through a time that I now see as my first but not last experience with what I think is clinical depression. I felt detached from my own body. My best friend at the time and I would talk on the phone for hours a day. I felt like he was the only one who understood me. We grew apart as we got better, but we clung to each other then. We watched Synecdoche New York and I then jumped into Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine. They were as strange, moody, and teen ennui-y as I was then.
  14. Age 17: "30 Rock"
    How I discovered that some people don't have as good of a sense of humor as I do, based on if they liked this show. Now my most watched and most quoted program. I wish it wasn't so problematic though. "30 Rock" was Sarah Gorman
  15. Age 18: Beyonce
    I hated college at first and didn't fit in at all except I had my best friend who also loved Beyonce, she built us and bonded us together. And she continues to keep me woke and inspired. Other people liked Beyonce but no one liked her like me.
  16. Age 19: The Oscars
    My mom died when I was 19 and The Oscars/celebrities was a huge connection I had with her. I watched with my family 3 days after she died and live tweeted the whole thing. The show means a lot to me and I've continued the tradition since. The Oscars are MY thing
  17. Age 20: "Girls"
    Hit me right on the cusp of my budding feminism. I had never seen a woman who looked and acted like me on camera before. Made me feel like my story was important. I wish women of all races, body types, gender identity, etc. could experience this. Hannah was me and no one could tell me otherwise.
  18. Age 21: Paul Thomas Anderson
    This was the age I first started getting the idea that maybe I could write and tell stories or make movies. Watching "Boogie Nights" and "Magnolia" showed me that filmmaking is about creating worlds and can be like painting on a canvas. It can be whatever you want basically and it was so freeing and I love how long and pretentious these movies are, and I loved that most people I knew hadn't seen them.
  19. Age 22: "Jeopardy!"
    I graduated college and hated life living at home jobless but I recorded Jeopardy! every day and basically got all my self worth from getting the final jeopardy questions right
  20. Age 23: "Billy on the Street"
    I saw this show and thought UM this is what I need to be doing!!!!! Pushed me into pursuing comedy for real. Made me see myself as capable of greatness! This show was me, I was this show
  21. Age 24: "Hamilton" OBV
    Like what else??!! Also everything else above defines me too! I am a beast made of pieces of culture and I'm not apologizing for it