I decide who is bangable and who is Grover Cleveland
  1. Alexander Hamilton, $10
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    Duh, the sexiest person maybe ever
  2. Sacajawea, $1
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    A beautiful and resourceful lady. She's got great side eye game here, lost points for having a baby with her, but still way sexier than the majority of these bozos
  3. John F. Kennedy, $0.50
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    Obviously sexy af
  4. Ulysses S. Grant, $50
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    I really think he could throw down, he is so rugged
  5. Abraham Lincoln, $5
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    Bone structure for days
  6. George Washington, $0.25
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    Glistening silver fox
  7. Statue of Liberty, $1,000,000
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    A strong, sensual woman
  8. Abraham Lincoln, $0.01
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    Bone structure is less noticeable but still hot
  9. George Washington, $1
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    Still hot even when not glistening
  10. Andrew Jackson, $20
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    Scary af which might make for a good time
  11. Benjamin Franklin, $100
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    Is probably into weird shit but would also not mind if you brought snacks
  12. Thomas Jefferson, $0.05
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    Annoying but I see some cheekbone action here, hate sex could be a possibility
  13. Woodrow Wilson, $100,000
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    Would probably ask "Are you okay?" a lot
  14. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, $0.10
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    Would be much more highly ranked if this was a portrait of Edward Hermann AS Roosevelt
  15. James Madison, $5,000
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    Too mousy
  16. Thomas Jefferson, $2
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    Jefferson is obviously annoying and he really could have used a juice cleanse before this portrait was drawn, ya look tired boy
  17. William McKinley, $500
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    Do you know what his favorite dish is? It was in the paper. Beef!
  18. Grover Cleveland, $1,000
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    Reminds me too much of the conniving Walrus from Alice in Wonderland
  19. Salmon P. Chase, $10,000
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    Who even is this?