Bye bye Heather and Kristen! There are two open spots for next season!!! Who could it be??? Now that Lisa Rinna is on Bev Hills there are no limits!!! @BravoWWHL @andycohen Here are some people I think would be 💯
  1. Kelly Bensimon
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    Let's be real, the true dream is to bring back Kelly "Al Sharpton" Bensimon. She is totally the best and with Bethenny back, forget about it! TV gold. Kelly forever. Tagline: "I'm back, and this season no one can attack me or my friend Gwyneth."
  2. Sandra Lee
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    Sandra Lee would be the ultimate get after Kelly honestly. She's the governor's bae!!! And she knows how to throw a party, complete with tablescapes. I have no doubt she would roll with Ramona and Sonja and wear amazing costumes at all times. Tagline: "At the governor's mansion, it's always cocktail time!"
  3. Tiffany "New York" Pollard
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    You could turn Bravo into a $100 a month pay per view network and I would still be there all day for this. I feel like she'd be besties with Bethenny, and then fighting all day with the rest of them, always. Tagline: "I never was a child. Soon as I popped out of my mom, I was in the know." (That is a real quote she has really said before!! She is remarkable.)
  4. Madonna
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    Honestly what else is she doing anyway? She went to Sonja's fashion show, she basically already is one. Tagline: "Bitch I'm Madonna."
  5. Bernadette Peters
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    Imagine her duetting "Don't Be So Uncool." Imagine getting to see a behind the scenes look at her hair care regimen. Perfection. Tagline: "I was in 'Sunday in the Park with George,' but now I do Sunday brunch with the girls."
  6. Olivia Palermo
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    A reality TV vet, I'm pretty sure all she does now is have her photo taken in outfits. But remember how great she was on The City? Her facial expressions were so disdainful! I'd really like to see her react to a Sonja Morgan New York business meeting. Tagline: (doesn't say anything, just stands there making a face)
  7. Melania Trump
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    This would be a win win. Maybe the show would be enough glory to distract the Trump family from their political pursuits OR maybe Trump wins and the silver lining is that we have a First Lady who is contractually obligated to broadcast her life on Bravo TV!!! A win for America any way you slice it. Plus she's a "jewelry designer" which is like the main requirement for the gig. Tagline: "The only thing uglier than my husband's hair is his personality! I'm dead inside."
  8. Ashley Dupre
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    Also known as Eliot Spitzer's former prostitute. She posed for the cover of Playboy after and generally seems like a down ass lady on Twitter. She recently married a construction "honcho" and had a baby. I think she'd be a truly great addition, no joke zone. I always love hearing about a scandal from the person on the inside we could easily write off. I want her to win America's heart and replace Heather as Carole Radziwell's BFF. Tagline: "I used to bang Spitzer but now I drink spritzers"
  9. Iris Apfel
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    The original RHONY!! She would not put up with any of their bullshit and also could easily fill in as Radzi's new BFF. Ugh that would be the coolest. Tagline: "I have big glasses, so I know a phony when I see one."
  10. The Statue of Liberty
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    We all know her face, but do we know her story? Also I heard she's coming out with a nail polish line soon. She would probably get along with Ramona pretty well considering her eyes are also always open. Tagline: "When people hear New York, they think of me first."
  11. Robert De Niro
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    He lives in New York and already loves "The Bachelorette," I bet he'd be more into the idea than you'd think. Tagline: "You talkin to me? Or are you just talkin behind my back? Forget about it!"