It was 2am and I was off my antidepressant
  1. "I feel like I don't like have these experiences and relationships and this rich life but if people at least see me on the outside as important or worth listening to it will be okay"
  2. "Ugh idk. I just like want to be verified on Twiiter, I'm the worst person"
  3. "I'm talking Beyonce and Jay-Z money when I say I wish I had money"
  4. "The idea that I'll never have a pool really upsets me"
  5. "I stayed at the Four Seasons when I was 4, like I can't go down from there"
  6. "I also watch OITNB and fantasize about going to prison"
  7. "I told my therapist that the only reason I'm scared of dying is bc I don't want my family to see how messy my apartment is"