I will never live up to her amazingness. I love you @calliegorman !
  1. She makes me yummy food all the time
    Shes the best cook in the world
  2. She lets me live on her couch
    And sometimes lets me sit in the corner of the sectional
  3. She lets me sing in her shower
    Even though it's annoying
  4. She helps me out with fashion advice
    Like letting me know when my leather vest is too much
  5. She also keeps my accessories in check
    Thank god I stopped carrying around that red backpack
  6. She's always willing to eat sushi with me
    And even lets me get negi hamachi rolls
  7. She unplugs her own iPad so I can charge my phone
    Shes always willing to sacrifice
  8. She lets me drink all of her Diet Coke
    Sometimes I hide the empty cans in her ottoman so she doesnt notice how many I drink. I dont deserve her generosity!
  9. She plans all of our vacations
    With the help of Rick Steves
  10. She's funnier than me
    She contributed to so many of my lists! Her funniness is underrated
  11. She's beautiful inside and out
    And I don't tell her enough!
  12. I hope some day to reach 25% of your awesomeness sister!!