I went through his entire filmography bc I am nothing if not thorough. You're welcome AMERICA.
  1. Crazy, Stupid, Love Ryan Gosling
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    Peak Gosling, sry cuter than Notebook Gosling bc he also has a Brookstone massage chair
  2. The Notebook Ryan Gosling
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    Also very cute
  3. Remember the Titans Ryan Gosling
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    So cute
  4. Mickey Mouse Club Ryan Gosling
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    What a damn cutie
  5. Breaker High Ryan Gosling
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    Whoa, cute!!!! Call me
  6. La La Land Ryan Gosling
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    High hopes for this potential cuteness, coming in 2016
  7. Blue Valentine Ryan Gosling
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    Cute but heartbreaking
  8. Drive Ryan Gosling
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    Dangerous and cute
  9. Only God Forgives Ryan Gosling
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    A slightly less good version of Drive Ryan Gosling
  10. Gangster Squad Ryan Gosling
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    Cute even though this movie is bad
  11. The Adventures of Shirley Holmes Ryan Gosling
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    Leather jacket adds major cute points
  12. Half Nelson Ryan Gosling
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    Cute AND a teacher but also a lil sketchy
  13. Untitled Terrence Malick Project Ryan Gosling
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    Looks pretty cute but Terrence Malick might ruin it
  14. The Place Beyond the Pines Ryan Gosling
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    Bad boy cute
  15. Young Hercules Ryan Gosling
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    Cheesy cute
  16. Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ryan Gosling
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    ~*Cute n creepy*~
  17. Goosebumps Ryan Gosling
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    Still cute, even creepier
  18. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Ryan Gosling
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    Yeah okay cute
  19. The Ides of March Ryan Gosling
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    Cute but corrupt I think? Idk I fell asleep so it wasn't cute enough
  20. Murder by Numbers Ryan Gosling
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    A murderer but a damn cute murderer tbh
  21. The Slaughter Rule Ryan Gosling
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    Idk seems okay cute
  22. The Big Short Ryan Gosling
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    Not his cutest but still cute
  23. The Nice Guys Ryan Gosling
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    Facial hair is not cute but still cute
  24. Lars and the Real Girl Ryan Gosling
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    I am oddly charmed by this Ryan Gosling, I find him slightly cute
  25. Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy Ryan Gosling
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    Wash your face and then you'd be cute
  26. Road to Avonlea Ryan Gosling
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    Cute scarf, not cute hat
  27. Frankenstein and Me Ryan Gosling
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    Cute enough but that sweatshirt is an issue
  28. Flash Forward Ryan Gosling
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    Idk I was really rooting for Ben Foster on this show and I feel like he tried to steal his girl? Idk that helmet isn't cute
  29. PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal Ryan Gosling
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    Bad hair, not cute
  30. Stay Ryan Gosling
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    Emo, not cute
  31. The United States of Leland Ryan Gosling
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    Even more emo, even less cute
  32. Ready or Not Ryan Gosling
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    Omg this is such low cute levels wow
  33. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Ryan Gosling
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    I have concerns about whatever is happening here and what ethnicities he may or may not be playing, not cute
  34. All Good Things Ryan Gosling
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    Literally Robert Durst, not at all cute, learn how to spell Beverly
  35. The Believer Ryan Gosling
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    A neo-nazi I think? Farthest from cute