I do this, you do this, it's fucked up, let's stop
  1. Depression
  2. Serial killers
  3. Drugs
  4. Eating disorders
  5. Alcoholism
  6. Cigarettes
  7. Prison
  8. White boys
  9. Bygone eras
  10. The life of a "starving artist"
  11. The idea that you can achieve enlightenment by traveling and living amongst poor people in foreign countries
  12. Celebrity
  13. Emotional unavailability
  14. War
  15. Pizza
  16. Death
  17. Suicide
  18. The idea that if someone says they hate you it means they're in love with you
  19. Love in general
  20. Orphans lol
    Suggested by @kellydehoop
  21. Cultures that you are not a part of
    Suggested by @kellydehoop
  22. Domestic abuse
    Suggested by @xtineengels
  23. Old people with fucked up views
    Your racist grandma is not "cute"
    Suggested by @xtineengels
  24. The idea that someone will eventually come into your life and complete you
    or "fix" you and make all your issues disappear
    Suggested by @brianaf
  25. Bacon
    Suggested by @ErinBrown
  26. "Adventures"
    Stepping outside is not classified as an adventure
    Suggested by @wall
  27. Pirates
    Suggested by @totallyjudged
  28. Tattoos
    Suggested by @wall
  29. Being from the state of California
    Suggested by @wall
  30. A man being emotionally shut off
    Just let people feel comfortable expressing their feelings
    Suggested by @destiel
  31. Being busy
    Suggested by @smoothb
  32. Home decor ideas on Pinterest
    As much as I love the idea of entire wall of shelving with random impractical pretty things on them, where do I put my books?
    Suggested by @erosato
  33. Working so hard and getting barely any sleep
  34. bottled water
    Suggested by @BeanHill
  35. takeout coffee
    Suggested by @BeanHill