I feel like everyone on this app is very TV savvy so you guys probably already watch these but in case you're asleep, here are some great shows I feel are largely ignored:
  1. "The Leftovers"
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    The best show on television, wrongfully labeled as "grief porn." It's about so much more than grief. Every week I am on the edge of my seat and my notions of faith, truth, and morality are challenged. It's incredible, Carrie Coon should win every acting award.
  2. "The Knick"
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    The directing alone would make this show a masterpiece, but it's just one layer of what makes this show so great. You wouldn't expect a show set in an early 1900's hospital deal with issues of race and feminism, yet it does so effortlessly. "Get the Rope" is one of the best hours of television I've ever seen.
  3. "Sense8"
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    The best way to enjoy this show is to stop trying to understand the SciFi elements and focus on the characters. I've read that they are "underdeveloped" and a few are but others, particularly Nomi, a trans woman, and Lito, a closeted Mexican movie star, are some of the most faceted characters I've seen on screen. I loved this show from start to finish.
  4. "Being Mary Jane"
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    This show seems to unfortunately be written off by the Wonder Bread white Hollywood critics because it's on BET, but Gabrielle Union is doing some of her best work, it's well-written and highly entertaining. Just juicy enough while still tackling the real issues professional women face today. It's on Netflix, you should watch.
  5. "Togetherness"
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    The Duplass brothers, Melanie Lynsky, Amanda Peet, Peter Gallagher... What more could you want?! A delightful, down to earth dramedy. Every character will win your heart.
  6. "Playing House"
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    Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham are the comedy voices with "Property Brothers" sex fantasies we all needed. Plus Keegan Michael Key is there being THE CUTEST. I've loved this team since the brilliant but cancelled "Best Friends Forever." Love this show.
  7. "Black Mirror"
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    So wonderful and creepy, this British show is almost impossible to describe. Each episode is a different imagined future that's feels one step away from today in the most disturbing and interesting ways. On Netflix.
  8. "Manhattan"
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    This show is on WGN which I don't really know what it is, but it has an incredible cast and tells the story of the Manhattan project, when the US was developing the atomic bomb. It's great.
  9. "UnReal"
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    An captivating inside look into "The Bachelor" with great performances by Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer. Don't write it off just because it's on Lifetime.
  10. "Halt and Catch Fire"
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    I love this show, especially the women of this show. It's the best thing AMC has right now, sorry "Walking Dead." It fills the hole in my life left by "Mad Men."
  11. "Grace and Frankie"
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    The best! Why isn't everyone talking about Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin?! And everyone else in the cast! The sets look like a Nancy Meyers movie and I love seeing women over 60's stories. So good and on Netflix!
  12. "Difficult People"
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    If you like any of my lists you will love this show, as I am just a wannabe version of Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner. Plus it has Andrea Martin! On Hulu.
  13. "Crazy Ex Girlfriend"
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    This show just started and is already getting a lot of praise but I just need to reiterate that it is SO GREAT. It's hilarious, it's a musical, and the star is a star. I'm obsessed and I wish I wrote it.
  14. "Nathan For You"
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    Makes me cringe and fall over with laughter. I love Nathan Fielder's deadpan humor, it's probably the show that makes me laugh the hardest out there right now.