here are some sick burns for when ur talking trash
  1. "do u publish books at ur house? bc it is so random"
  2. "is ur mom 'the phantom menace?' bc she really falls short of expectations"
  3. "r u a siberian landmass? bc u just STEPPEd over the line"
  4. "if u were a on reality show u'd be on WHOREDers (or u'd be on hoarders bc that is also a tragic life much like yours)"
  5. "i'm champagne the drink, ur champaign, illinois"
  6. "did u watch season 2 of 'true detective?' me either but i'd rather do that than look at ur face"
  7. "ur so dumb u probably confuse the meanings of 'affect' and 'effect'"
  8. "r u a wild pig? bc i'm BOAR-ED and also u look like one"
  9. "i bet if u met chris pratt he would refuse to french braid ur hair. ur just that gross"
  10. "whatever, u probably don't even know that the movie 'the santa clause' is a double entendre"
  11. "whatever, u probably think colonel sanders and orville redenbacher are the same person"
  12. "whatever, u probably would see jeffrey dean morgan and think it was javier bardem"
  13. "if u were a president u'd be millard fillmore bc i bet u would take a weak stance on slavery and have a dumb name"