I luv u @calliegorman ! : This Is Us
  1. Amy and Kim Schumer
    I'm all over the place but she's the brains of the operation. If I ever had my own show she'd be the first person I'd ask to run it.
  2. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson
    When I first heard Ashlee's album "Autobiography" I thought it was MY autobiography. Also Jessica is now a savvy businesswoman and Ashlee is formally married to a member of Fall Out Boy. Literally us.
  3. Beyonce and Solange
    She is cool calm and collected and I am most likely to have an outburst in an elevator. She is the picture of polish and hard work but I've got the style and the acid tongue.
  4. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
    She's Ashley and I'm Mary Kate. Looking for my Olivier Sarkozy.
  5. Kourtney and Khloe
    She cares for others and keeps it lowkey, I scream out truths to everyone. Plus we don't look related
  6. Hilary and Haylie Duff
    She'd have a show on the cooking channel, I'd have blue hair for a while
  7. Sasha and Malia Obama
    She'd go to Harvard, I'd wear chokers. We're both embarrassed by our dad.
  8. Gigi and Bella Hadid
    She's very admirable and loves to cook. I'm the one who'd have a DUI and our mom would find the car filled with pill bottles and bloody tampons. But we're both hot
  9. Kate and Pippa Middleton
    She may be marrying a prince but I'll still steal the attention, probably with my ass but more because I knocked over something valuable with my ass
  10. Ashley and Wynonna Judd
    She's Ashley and I'm Wynonna, I have an inquiry in on those sunglasses