1. Debbie Downer
    Ruining people's good time with depressing factoids is my brand
  2. Our Waterbeds Are The Best Lady
    If I ever marry anyone who owns a business I will insist on starring in commercials for it, I have actually thought about doing this at my current job
  3. Anna Gasteyer as Martha Stewart
    Just an underlying rage I really feel
  4. All the moms in Mom Jeans
    I just want forgiveness and comfort from my jeans
  5. Jebidiah Atkinson
    I made a video in 8th grade where I played a character that was basically Jebadiah Atkinson.
  6. Liam, a teenager who just woke up
    My at home look
  7. The Sweeney Sisters
    Just give me a microphone
  8. Linda Richman
    Barbra SHOULD win an Oscar just for keeping her nose
  9. Nick the Lounge Singer
    The Star Wars song specifically
  10. Brian Fellow
    Like yeah just my attitude always