When I dream things they become reality. For example:
  1. Chokers are back in style
  2. There's a hit musical about Alexander Hamilton
  3. Podcasts finally got popular
  4. People are making a museum dedicated to the Olsen twins hiding from the paparazzi
  5. "Ultralight Beam" might be Kanye's best work yet
  6. My dad got me VIP tickets to Beyonce without me even asking
  7. "The People vs. OJ Simpson" is thriving
  8. "Galaxy Quest" revival is happening
  9. They made an iPhone that looks and feels exactly like my iPhone 5S but with updated functionality
  10. Margot Robbie is starting in a Tonya Harding biopic
  11. They opened a good sushi place right near my apartment
  12. They released an issue of Vogue that's just 100% dedicated to Kendall Jenner
  13. I get to write a sketch show that's being put up at Second City????
    Why tho
  14. People follow me on this app????
    Like why tho