2005-2007 i was a pop punk MySpace queen
  1. Here's me with the band All Time Low
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  2. Me on a carousel
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  3. Me on my way to an AFI concert
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  4. Me with my phone that I covered in foam stickers
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  5. Me wearing a Jack's Mannequin shirt
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  6. My go-to face
    Ff9b2d82 63eb 44f7 a261 2bcb4ee72861
  7. Blowing bubbles, high contrast, at the mall
    817e0e90 ae05 4c77 8b59 3484645ba8e7
  8. Nice bandana
    1e2ae965 0ffb 4d1d a58c 9520c5cbf085
  9. Fedora
    30ec92e9 87b3 470b 8fa0 57c2bd6776a4
  10. Pretending sparkling cider was alcohol
    5ff11c45 59bc 46e1 b14d 69acdd849744
    s/o to @katemaryj for being there throughout this journey
  11. Nice angle
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  12. Don't worry, it's just a clip in
    1f8f8b75 34bb 4b79 a851 b1821b209ab2
  13. @ Warped Tour
    B7ab931e f0da 430f b2c5 b582087d0b34
  14. @ a Fall Out Boy / All American Rejects / Hawthorne Heights concert
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