Body acceptance is for women of all sizes but there are also clear priviledges to being thin, some big, some small. These are some I've seen in my experience as a size bitch (thank you for this term @aidybryant). My body is something I really struggle talking about but I am trying to be stronger and use my experience to educate and help.
  1. Easy access to thigh high boots
    Really most cool and special clothes: wedding dresses, designer splurges, etc
  2. Shopping together and borrowing clothes from your friend
    Trying on clothes together at the mall will only exist in movie montages for me
  3. You can wear jogging pants and basic clothes and it's seen as "a look"
    A plain black t shirt and jeans on a thin person is Pinterest-worthy street style
  4. People don't give you unsolicited healthy eating tips
    The other day a cab driver told me if I drink a little bit of lemon juice every day it will flush out all my fat. Thanks so much, guy!!!!!!
  5. Online dating without feeling like you have to tell people about your body as a prerequisite
    Feeling like if I talk to someone on Tinder and I don't mention my weight they will feel misled when we meet in person
  6. No little moment of fear whenever you encounter a new seat belt
    Is this finally going to be the one I can't do?
  7. Can squeeze into open seats between two people on the bus
  8. Uber drivers don't constantly mention how different you look in your picture because it's just your face
    "Is that you? You look so different" almost every ride. My picture is not photoshopped and doesn't even have a filter. It's just me. Sorry to disappoint.
  9. Eating in public without getting looks
  10. Accidental burps/farts/spills don't automatically turn you into the butt of a joke
    You already have fat attached to your identity, you can't be fat AND gross
  11. Healthcare providers don't often assume all your symptoms are just because of your size
    Illnesses often blamed on fat include: colds, sinus infections, strep throat, rashes, cancer, pneumonia, etc
  12. You're never worried that your ass may be being filmed as you walk down the street for one of those stories on the news about how fat people are plaguing America
  13. More likely to get hired for jobs
    No, really
  14. Instructors don't pay special attention to you in yoga class when you're honestly doing fine
  15. Can come out as lesbian, bisexual, or (especially) asexual without people saying it's just because people aren't interested in you
    And in general, experiences with your sexuality aren't shamed and othered.
  16. Not having additional stigma and disbelief put upon you as a victim sexual assault because of your size
    I've seen so many fat women being told they should "be grateful" a sexual assault, or that "so-called" sexual assault isn't possible for someone who looks like them
  17. You can complain about being mistreated or running into problems because of your body without being told it's "your own fault"
  18. There are so many more
    So many, guys. Thanks for listening.