Here are examples of times designers did amazing, punk rock shit that reminds me why I got into graphic design in the first place. I promise it can be so cool and so interesting and so powerful and HECKA PUNK ROCK!
  1. James Victore's "Celebrate Columbus"
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    James Victore was pissed off about all the celebration surrounding the anniversary of Columbus "discovering" America, so he spent all his money printing 1500 of these posters he designed and posting them around NYC. He has done similar amazing work to call attention to the LA race riots and the AIDS epidemic, but this one is the most punk rock because he spent all his money on printing and got evicted because of it, but now it hangs in MoMA. Punk rock.
  2. Paula Scher's identity for The New York Public Theater
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    Paula Scher used her background designing album covers and made the dopest identity ever for The Public. Any other designer would have gone elegant and timeless for such a lauded cultural institution but Paula Scher said FUCK THAT you guys are for the people by the people and that is PUNK ROCK. She was a woman in a boy's club who told the rules to go fuck themselves. And guess what? It's still used today and looks fresh and punk rock as hell!! Paula Scher is so punk.
  3. Candy Chang's "I Wish This Was"
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    Candy Chang saw the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in her native city of New Orleans, and like many of her neighbors felt helpless and hopeless. As everything around her shuddered, she decided to give the people a voice by posting stickers that said "I wish this was..." and markers on these abandoned buildings, giving the community a chance to speak and create change in a completely guerilla way. Punk rock.
  4. George Lois' Esquire covers
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    George Lois was like, hey what if we took your little men's magazine and put some real ass art on the cover that's gonna make people go WOAH! Marilyn shaving her face, Andy Warhol drowning in his Campbell's soup can, and this cover of Muhammed Ali after he refused to go into the army during Vietnam. He took a black and Muslim man and presented him to America as a Jesus figure in 1967 on the cover of a mainstream magazine~ PUNK ROCK!
  5. Barbara Kruger
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    Barbara Kruger was so punk rock that Supreme, an overpriced brand for non punk rock sk8er boi posers, stole her style for their logo. Using simple text and images, Kruger's work says HEY listen up! I have something to say and you might not like it but you're gonna hear it anyway! So punk rock.
  6. Oliviero Toscani's Benetton Ads
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    Toscani was like oh you're trying to sell clothes to people, you know what a cool way to do that would be? Let's use pictures of real human hearts to call out racism and a soldier's bloody clothing and a guy dying of AIDS. Incredibly punk rock move and generally is praised for calling attention to so many issues. For ads for a clothing store at the mall!!! Punk rock!
  7. Banksy
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    Banksy's whole career and existence is proof that even as Silicon Valley takes over everything, the punk rock spirit is alive and well in the design world
  8. Stefan Sagemeister's AIGA poster
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    Stefan Sagmeister is a designer who is always punk rock as hell~ he sends out naked picture of himself as his studio's press releases ~but his most punk rock moment was when he designed this poster for an AIGA event by carving the text into himself with an exacto knife. He said he immediately regretted it when he made the first cut but had no other ideas and was already in it, so he kept going. Punk. Rock. As. Hell.
  9. I'm sorry like graphic designers can be badass punk rockers who make the coolest shit. Design is punk!!