Key vocab from my hometown on the South Shore of Boston~ Hingham, MA
  1. "sup keds?"
    Definition: What's up, kids? Synonyms: "How's it going?" "Hello!"
  2. "brute nashe"
    Definition: Brutal Nation Synonyms: "That is the worst!" "Gross"
  3. "workie"
    Defintion: Someone you are crushing on, someone you are dating, someone you are hooking up with. Can also apply to two people as a set who are doing any of the above. weird workies are particularly notable as seen in my list about them WEIRDEST WORKIES
  4. "lamping"
    Definition: Hanging out, chilling
  5. "kid's a dime"
    Definition: That person is very hot, attractive. (fun fact: achieved marginal facebook fame in high school for making a group called "kid's a dime"dedicated to posting pics of famous hotties. got so big that "people against kid's a dime" was formed which is the true mark of success)
  6. "sweaty"
    Definition: A person of lower status, usually from Weymouth, MA, aka "Weymo"