Nancy Jo followed me on Twitter this week so I'd like to celebrate this Vanity Fair writer and American hero. Brava!
  1. "Hip Hop Debs" (2000)
    She brought the Hilton sisters into our world and our lives were never the same. It's incredible.
  2. "I'm With Her!" (2007)
    A study on the unknown men who attach themselves to women who love the spotlight, referred to as Tabloid Boys. Primo K-Fed content. Cisco Adler. So much here.
  3. "The Unreal Rise of Jon and Kate Gosselin" (2009)
    Unbelievable insight into Kate Gosselin at the height of the hype. Her screaming about wanting to go to Nobu is chilling.
  4. "The Suspects Wore Louboutins" (2010)
    The most iconic piece of journalism of our time. Needs no preface.
  5. "An Open Letter to Tinder's Sean Rad from V.F.'s Nancy Jo Sales" (2015)
    A takedown of a dirtbag we so desperately need. Nancy Jo does God's work.