Rachel may have worked in fashion but Phoebe's looks were always fun, daring, and on brand af
  1. This brown suede coat with pink and orange polka dots
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  2. This dress and pink tights
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  3. "Smelly Cat" glam look
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  4. This Mona Lisa dress and turtleneck
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  5. Her mink
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  6. Ankh necklace
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  7. Pigtails and choker
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  8. Accessorizing in a pinch
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  9. This flower shirt
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  10. This dress and gladiator hat
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  11. The "Ben" jumpsuit
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  12. As Supergirl
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  13. Her silver wedding dress
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  14. This dope ass shirt
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  15. This fringe coat
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  16. With a denim vest underneath
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  17. This mod look
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  18. Poodle cardigan
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  19. Poodle jacket
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  20. Fur sweater and fuzzy hair pieces
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  21. Vest, layered jewelry, scrunchie
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  22. This sweater
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  23. This is her bra
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  24. Striped onesie
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  25. Mixing fur and floral and argyle like a pro
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  26. This orange fur jacket
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  27. Santa pants
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  28. And when she looked stop eating hot
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