Rachel may have worked in fashion but Phoebe's looks were always fun, daring, and on brand af
  1. This brown suede coat with pink and orange polka dots
  2. This dress and pink tights
  3. "Smelly Cat" glam look
  4. This Mona Lisa dress and turtleneck
  5. Her mink
  6. Ankh necklace
  7. Pigtails and choker
  8. Accessorizing in a pinch
  9. This flower shirt
  10. This dress and gladiator hat
  11. The "Ben" jumpsuit
  12. As Supergirl
  13. Her silver wedding dress
  14. This dope ass shirt
  15. This fringe coat
  16. With a denim vest underneath
  17. This mod look
  18. Poodle cardigan
  19. Poodle jacket
  20. Fur sweater and fuzzy hair pieces
  21. Vest, layered jewelry, scrunchie
  22. This sweater
  23. This is her bra
  24. Striped onesie
  25. Mixing fur and floral and argyle like a pro
  26. This orange fur jacket
  27. Santa pants
  28. And when she looked stop eating hot