The power is real
  1. So Kendall Jenner a while back posted this photo on Instagram that ended up being the most liked photo on Instagram EVER
    Ever! It beat Kim and Kanye's wedding photo! Like Kendall you're cute but this is just your hair as hearts. But something clicked and we were hooked!
  2. So yesterday I was lying in the park with my high pony, living my best life, and I thought it would be funny to make a heart with my hair like Kendall did
    This felt silly but whatever I was chillin
  3. So I did it and posted it, expecting a few people to get the reference and be amused
  4. Little did I know, it would be a shot heard round the world, becoming my personal most-liked Instagram ever!
    Beating out: heartfelt tributes to my deceased mother, photos of the sketch show that I worked so hard to write and produce, multiple trips to Europe, and the time I met Jason Schwartzman. (Why is my highest number of likes only 53 when my account is so 🔥?? A question for another day.)
  5. My ponytail. As a heart.
    It took 2 seconds and I don't even have any makeup on. It's like why even contour??????
  6. Guys what's the deal with this??????