I have questions
  1. Why was Chiwetel Ejiofor playing someone named Vincent Kapoor (originally Venkat Kapoor in the books) ????
    Does casting still get it's diversity gold star if they cast any minority in a role, even if it's not the one originally depicted in the story? Chiwetel is so talented and great, but could have easily played any other role in this film (Jeff Daniels' role, Sean Bean's role, Kristen "Why are you here?" Wiig's role honestly, Matt fucking Damon's role!!!). This would have been a great opportunity for oh I don't know, IRRFAN KHAN!! Or any other South Asian actor who doesn't get nearly enough work
  2. Why was the very blonde and white Mackenzie Davis playing a character named Mindy Park ???
    Let me know when you meet a white girl named Mindy Park guys. Davis is also great but like not even a big enough name that you're like, oh well the studio HAD to get her for this she's so bankable, America just can't stop watching all those "Halt and Catch Fire" episodes!!! Guys come on
  3. Those are my questions