1. Season 1 Winner: Adrienne Curry
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    What happened here
  2. The Real Winner: Elyse Sewell
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    By far the closest to a real model the show has ever had
  3. Season 2 Winner: Yoanna House
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    That face
  4. The Real Winner: Yoanna House
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    That face
  5. Season 3 Winner: Eva Pigford
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    Eva you're fine
  6. The Real Winner: Yaya DeCosta
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    But Yaya was a queen and at least went on to play Whitney
  7. Season 4 Winner: Naima Mora
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  8. The Real Winner: Naima Mora
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  9. Season 5 Winner: Nicole Linkletter
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    Took good pictures, now models for Forever 21
  10. The Real Winner: Nik Pace
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    Legit perfect
  11. Season 6 Winner: Danielle Evans
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    I like Danielle
  12. The Real Winner: Nnenna Agba
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    But I was very into Nnenna
  13. Season 7 Winner: CariDee English
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  14. The Real Winner: Melrose Bickerstaff
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    Awesome. Remember this photo shoot????? She killed it as Trump
  15. Season 8 Winner: Jaslene Gonzalez
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    Love you
  16. The Real Winner: Jaslene Gonzalez
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    I thought about saying Renee but she went to prison for armed robbery so it seems like Jaslene was a good call, plus I love Jaslene
  17. Season 9 Winner: Saleisha Stowers
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  18. The Real Winner: Jenah Doucette
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    Jenah was cool and high fashion, I liked her teeth
  19. Season 10 Winner: Whitney Thompson
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  20. The Real Winner: Whitney Thompson
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  21. Season 11 Winner: McKey Sullivan
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    I'm sorry Tyra gave you such bad hair
  22. The Real Winner: Analeigh Tipton
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    Annaleigh is a true success story now, good for her, she was good
  23. Season 12 Winner: Teyona Anderson
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    Teyona was cool
  24. The Real Winner: Allison Harvard
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    But Allison is by far the best model, human to come through this franchise
  25. Season 13 Winner: Nicole Fox
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    Fine like cool
  26. The Real Winner: Sundai Love
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    I mean
  27. Season 14 Winner: Krista White
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  28. The Real Winner: Krista White
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  29. Season 15 Winner: Ann Ward
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    Ann was high fashion-ish that was cool
  30. The Real Winner: Jane Randall
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    Idk I was into this girl
  31. Season 16 Winner: Brittani Kline
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    Brittani was actually awesome
  32. The Real Winner: Kasia Pilewicz
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    But I love Kasia and her face and non conforming body type
  33. Season 17 Winner (All-Stars): Lisa D'Amato
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    Guys we really messed up
  34. The Real Winner: Allison Harvard
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    Allison is the winner of our hearts, the winner we deserve
  35. I gave up after this. RIP ANTM