The world began when I came alive so that's how I measure things, DEAL
  1. 1991: Madonna
    Yep, this is a LOOK
  2. 1992-1994: None. It was all bad.
  3. 1995: This woman who wore the dress made of Gold Amex cards
    Great ode to brands
  4. 1996: Kate Winslet
    Couldn't find a single look from this year that didn't include a wrap
  5. 1997: Claire Danes
    So good. Would look as chic today.
  6. 1998: Sharon Stone
    Got her shirt at Gap. Too iconic to ignore
  7. 1999: Gwyneth Paltrow
    Classic and pretty, Goop got it right
  8. 2000: Charlize Theron
    One of my all-time favorite looks, women who pull off orange are heroes
  9. 2001: Renee Zellweger
    Yes! This look is a constant source of style and beauty inspiration in my life
  10. 2002: Halle Berry
    This is what I think of when I think of an Oscar dress. Halle made history and single handedly put Elie Saab on the map. And looked gorgeous and interesting and wonderful
  11. 2003: Kate Hudson
    Very on brand Kate Hudson, most photos she's giving a peace sign on the red carpet
  12. 2004: Jennifer Garner
    Once again, pulling off orange like this is heroic
  13. 2005: Hilary Swank
    Also iconic. I really think this dress stands the test of time, it's still classic and beautiful but feels modern and different
  14. 2006: Michelle Williams
  15. 2007: Penelope Cruz
    Very 2007, but in a good way
  16. 2008: Jessica Alba
    She was pregnant af and outdressed everyone, good work Rachel Zoe
  17. 2009: Anne Hathaway
    Gorgeous, good work Rachel Zoe
  18. 2010: Cameron Diaz
    Classic Oscar de la Renta silhouette but the hoop earrings and hair make it feel fresh, good work Rachel Zoe
  19. 2011: Cate Blanchett
    People really hated this but it's one of my favorites ever??? Givenchy! Looks like a space costume! Interesting color combos!! I loved it. So much that I'm picking it over Jennifer Lawrence's red dress that was also highly, highly 🔥
  20. 2012: Shailene Woodley
    Extremely here for this Dusty Springfield album cover look, LISTEN everything else this year was BORING and she just looks clean and cool
  21. 2013: Charlize Theron
    I hate peplum but like... Honestly this
  22. 2014: Lupita N'yongo
    No contest. This look!!!
  23. 2015: Jennifer Lopez
    Everyone looked boring last year too and then JLo turned it out!!!! Turned, it, out.
  24. 2016: Cate Blanchett!
    I decided, this look is great