1. Kings Hawaiian Bread
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    sweet and delicious
  2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
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    those faces!
  3. Martin Luther King Jr.
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    probably the best king ever!
  4. "King Tut" by Steve Martin
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    holds up
  5. Billie Jean King
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    what a boss
  6. King size beds
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    the best. california kings are too laid back for my east coast sensibilities
  7. Carole King
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    you know that song you love? she wrote it
  8. Babar
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    seems like he'd be a relaxed ruler
  9. Nat King Cole
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    based on "nature boy" alone, and also everything else
  10. "The Lion King," Simba & Mufasa
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    my favorite movie, both those kings are hot
  11. Louis XIV, the Sun King
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    brought us rococo
  12. King Bey
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  13. King Size Candy Bars
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    great for sharing! haha just kidding
  14. "The Mountain King," S2E12 of "Mad Men"
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    don goes to california, we meet anna draper who's a super under appreciated character. peggy pitches to Popsicle "Take it. Break it. Share it. Love it."
  15. Jonathan Groff as King George III
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    the role i was born to play