I feel this so deeply. Inspired by @Beezus
  1. Listen, the Oscars need to do A LOT of things right now
    They are losing credibility by the second. #OscarsSoWhite nobody gives a shit anymore. Before this category is even thought about being added they need to get people of color represented properly ASAP. ASAP!!! Oscars are frankly gross right now. Did u even see Tangerine? But I'm supposed to act like The Revenant was better?? Please
  2. Can the Oscars ever clean up their white man's burden act? Probably not. But if they do they should only then consider adding this category.
    Animals steal our hearts in films every year. The Oscars would benefit from adorable animals going down the red carpet to keep viewers interested. Animal trainers and handlers work very hard! These animals make us feel things!! They deserve credit!
  3. But Sarah, there's no way there are enough animals in movies to win Oscars every year!
    Haha suck it here are all the animals who could have won in my entire lifetime:
  4. 1991: The dog from "The Silence of the Lambs"
    This dog is a hero
  5. 1992: Beehtoven from "Beehtoven"
    Have I ever related to a movie character more??
  6. 1993: Hercules from "The Sandlot"
    Iconic performance
  7. 1994: Andre from "Andre"
    Honestly deserves an Oscar as much as Tommy Lee Jones deserved one for "The Fugitive," which is to say he deserves it a lot!
  8. 1995: Babe from "Babe"
    I challenge you to find a more dynamic performer
  9. 1996: Dunston from "Dunston Checks In"
    Please, Dunston checked into being a Hollywood Legend
  10. 1997: Mr. Bigglesworth from "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery"
    Great work
  11. 1998: The dog from "There's Something About Mary"
    Perfect comedic timing
  12. 1999: The frogs used in "Magnolia"
    Those frogs freaked us out!!!
  13. 2000: Wilson in "Cast Away"
    I know it's not an animal but I just feel like Wilson really deserves it
  14. 2001: The cat in "Amelie"
  15. 2002: The monkey in "Frida"
  16. 2003: The horse who played "Seabiscuit"
    Hey, who won your heart more in this movie, this horse? Or Tobey Maguire?
  17. 2004: Baxter from "Anchorman"
    So lovable!
  18. 2005: The dog in "Brokeback Mountain"
    Fantastic dog
  19. 2006: Mops from "Marie Antoinette"
    Another fantastic dog
  20. 2007: Samantha from "I Am Legend"
    Come on!!!! Samantha deserved Best Supporting Actress without there even being a specific animal category!
  21. 2008: The Beverly Hills Chihuahua in "Beverly Hills Chiahuahua"
    I mean like, he rocked it
  22. 2009: Fang from "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"
    Fang at Aragog's funeral??? Fang rules
  23. 2010: Little Blackie from "True Grit"
    Honestly a main character
  24. 2011: Uggie, the real star of "The Artist"
    Uggie is the best use case for this category. Do we still talk about Jean Dujardin??? Nope, but when Uggie died we publicly mourned. Because he was an effervescent, delightful actor who gave us his best
  25. 2012: The four tigers who played the tiger in "Life of Pi"
    Uh yeah duh
  26. 2013: The cat from "Inside Llewyn Davis"
    Stole the movie. Such a good cat
  27. 2014: Kim Jong Un the dog version from "The Interview"
    I didn't see this but I bet this dog was the best part
  28. 2015: Max from "Max"
    Listen, Max probably did a phenomenal job with the words he was given even if this wasn't a great movie overall. He carries an entire film. Max worked harder than I've ever worked, I have no doubt. Doesn't Max deserve something??? He probably does what Leo did in The Revenant every day!!! He sleeps outside all the time! He's an artist
  29. Anyway I'm just saying, consider it