1. You're hate all social media except for Reddit
    Why? What are you hiding?
  2. You have a really close relationship with a sibling of a gender you're attracted to
    Like you talk about your sex lives together
  3. You often say "food is food, just pick something"
  4. You're really into your college football team
    I don't care if they're a big deal, grow up
  5. You hate Kanye West
    But you love jerky white boys like Neil Young and Tom Waits
  6. You don't really watch any TV shows
    But you're fine with me spoiling because you read about everything that happens online
  7. You're "lactose intolerant" but I always see you eating yogurt
    So what's the truth?
  8. You snowboard
  9. You're very snobby and particular about the coffee you drink
    Pretty sure it all tastes like garbage
  10. You always make arguments "just to play devil's advocate"
  11. You were always "friends" with your teachers
    Like you hung out in their classroom during lunch
  12. You don't like dogs