1. Me:
  2. Holidays and birthdays
    Christmas, Thanksgiving, anything. They are obnoxious and annoying. Only upside is if you get to miss work
  3. Driving with the windows down
    Too windy!!!! No thank you
  4. Live music unless I know all the words to every song
    Just not fun. Loud, crowded, annoying. I'd rather be dead than attend a music festival
  5. The outdoors
    Generally not a place I like to be
  6. Babies and children
    I don't want to hear about them, meet them, or see pictures. I'm not amused and I just don't care
  7. Getting flowers
    Taking care of flowers is annoying and a lot of work, and I just feel annoyed that money wasn't spent more sensibly
  8. Surprises
    Absolutely no interest in ever being surprised by your gifts or parties. I want to choose my own things
  9. Inspirational quotes
  10. General merriment
    Like, can u relax
  11. So yeah
  12. Anyway
  13. I think I might really be The Grinch
  14. It's a true concern, please help
  15. Bye