happy draftmas! publishing the philosophy of my favorite British philosopher, Karl Pilkington. he taught me everything I need to know on the following topics:
  1. On happiness
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  2. On the elderly
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  3. On friendship
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  4. On sex positivity
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  5. On doing what needs to be done
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  6. On happiness again
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  7. On travel
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  8. On etiquette
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  9. On butts
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  10. On the deceased
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  11. On the after life
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  12. On trying
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  13. On disposal
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  14. On ancient civilizations
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  15. On decisions
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  16. On hairstyles
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  17. On music
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  18. On mankind's achievements
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  19. On space
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  20. On dying
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  21. On climate change
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  22. On experimentation
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  23. On animals in captivity
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  24. On sea life
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  25. On laughter
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  26. On speaking
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  27. On cycling
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  28. On hardships
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  29. On photography
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  30. This face says it all
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