1. Carpools
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  2. Judith Lieber
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  3. Bible study
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  4. Cheesecake Factory
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  5. Tallarico
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  6. Auntie Barbara's
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  7. Joyce's parties
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  8. Lots of tennis
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  9. Baby showers
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  10. Birthday parties
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  11. Valentino
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    This holds up
  12. Church on Sundays
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  13. Her friends
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    also, Clothing Club
  14. YOU!
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    and OJ!
  15. Her friends again
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    and MJ!
  16. Their faces
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  17. Chic places
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  18. Martin's
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  19. Lina Lee
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  20. La Scala Boutique
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  21. Winking apparently
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  22. YOU! a lot more times
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  23. Her friends a lot more times
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    and OJ again!
  24. Herself drinking wine in a bubble bath
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  25. OJ again
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  26. Her friends again
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    Which I guess also includes her daughters
  27. You guys!!!!
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