Inspired by @roaringsoftly, et al
  1. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
    My mom worked for Ocean Spray growing up, so we always had this in our house. My sister made fun of me because I told her we grew up in a "juice house." It's true though.
  2. Campbell's Supper Bakes
    Our family was addicted to these disgustingly delicious box dinners. They were so good!!! They have sadly been discontinued RIP
  3. Lobster
    I think I came out of the womb eating lobster
  4. Quisp cereal
    My mom used to buy this bygone cereal and it was SO good, like if Kix and Chex had a baby. So good!
  5. Lacey's Florentine Cookies
    Chocolate toffee amazingly tasty, crunchy, chewy delights. Our whole family went crazy for them. These are the best cookies aside from those soft sugar cookies with frosting on them that you can buy at gas stations.
  6. YoCrunch
    Exclusively how I consumed yogurt in my formative years
  7. Kudos Bars
    Exclusively how I consumed granola bars in my formative years
  8. Bologna
    I used to really like Bologna sandwiches? Don't think I've had one since I was ten years old. I imagine if I did kindergarten would come rushing back. It seems gross now but also I bet it's amazing.
  9. Spinach Pizza
    My mom used to buy frozen spinach pizzas and my sister and I would devour them as toddlers, we loved vegetables especially with cheese and cream.
  10. Cinnamon Sugar Bagel with Butter and Extra Cinnamon Sugar
    From Atlantic Bagel and Coffee Co. in Hingham, MA. Probably had this every weekend as a kid.
  11. Caprese without the tomatoes on slices of baguette
    My mom would make Caprese but I didn't like tomatoes so I'd just put mozzarella and basil on slices of baguette I WAS GROSS
  12. Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting
    From a place called Maggie's Corner. Absolutely incredible and we had it on every birthday. The combo is unbeatable.