when you're sitting at your boring desk and your mundane job, it's nice to look down and see a mousepad that will really make you think. here are some examples:
  1. why is this wrinkled? was the sentiment crumpled up and thrown away?
  2. there's something sinister about that cat... but he just keeps smiling... hmm...
  3. wow okay focused up on philosophy! descartes
  4. wait they did? why?
  5. strange laws exist all across our land, i am thinking about them now
  6. woah i never realized this but it's so true
  7. is this panda okay???
  8. "New Girl" likes being weird... ok...
  9. it's an owl... but with goofy glasses... owl usually mean smart, not silly! what is this saying about how we judge people in society??
  10. mind. blown.
  11. wait like it's a toad but it's also TOTALLY cool wow this pad has layers
  12. are they?????
  13. it's almost as if the universe planned it that way... also where did the s go...
  14. chilling