1. The time my friends wanted to sleep in when we were on Spring Break but I wanted to wake up and do all the stuff on the agenda I had planned
    So I called my other friend in the bathroom crying and looked into flights from Savannah to New York to see her because my Senior Year Spring Break was ruined and I wanted to leave. To be fair my friends were sleeping until 2pm every day.
  2. When I went on a yearly drama club field trip to NYC and as President made underclassmen move from the back of the bus because it was the "Seniors' Last Trip"
    I'm very into seniority and fairness which is just a chill quality I possess
  3. When I memorize people's schedules so I can take specific routes to either bump into them or avoid them depending on the person
    Something chill I've been doing since middle school
  4. The time I told this kid I hadn't talked to since high school that I still have his phone number memorized
    "But don't worry it's just because I have a really good memory"
  5. Slapping my best friend in the face when she told me she liked "Blurred Lines"
    It wasn't that hard
  6. Biting my friend when I was drunk during our first week of college
    No explanation behind it. He wasn't amused
  7. Biting my sister when I was drunk and she tried to make me go to bed
    I have no recollection of this but she couldn't feel her finger for a while afterwards... Like a couple weeks... Anyway this was chill
  8. When I wrote a strongly worded review to DoorDash when they didn't give me chopsticks one time
    I had gotten Ramen delivered like what else was I supposed to do?
  9. When I tried to sign an email just "S" and everyone knew I was clearly not cool enough to pull it off and was extremely confused
    It was brought up to me multiple times, like remember when you signed your email just "S" ??? What was that??
  10. Wrote a terrible, stream of consciousness essay? Short story? Piece of trash? in the middle of the night and submitted it to The New Yorker without even proofreading it
    I'd never done any previous professional writing up to this point, such a chill choice
  11. All the times I snooped through the belongings of every person who's home I've ever been alone in
  12. The constant times I point out why things are racist and sexist and terrible to anyone around when consuming any kind of media
  13. Made a list about how chill I am