Inspired by all you goons
  1. I woke up and finishing writing my newsletter
  2. I watched some old episodes of "Friends"
  3. I ate Eggo waffles because I am Eleven
  4. I went to a doctor's appointment
  5. I perused a hip looking gift shop near my doctor's office but found that everything was way too overpriced
  6. I watched this amazing video about Kanye West three times and then listened and sang along to "Ultralight Beam," crying
  7. I ate leftover pork shoulder and grits in bed
    This was the highlight
  8. I decided to try contouring. It didn't work out.
  9. I designed and sold some posters
    Most of which were to blood relatives
  10. I lied on the couch and ate popcorn
  11. Then I fell asleep on said couch before I got a chance to turn on the TV and watch something which was the purpose of my lying on said couch
  12. I dreamt that people kept coming in and out while I was sleeping to pick up their shoes.
    Also dreamt that they changed Pokemon Go and I caught many rare pokes including an owl, a gorilla, and a boa constrictor that ate the owl
  13. I woke up and now I'm here
    I missed @nataliarodas text to hang out because I was napping at 7pm so I guess I'm chillin tonight
  14. I'll probably fall asleep again in ~5min