Inspired by @BWN_7. I can't not!!!! I am so passionate about this. I might be a Billy Joel hipster which feels like an oxymoron. But I have strong feelings that include "Only The Good Die Young" not being Top 10 because it has been too annoyingly appropriated by the Internet, okay bye
  1. Why Should I Worry
    Yeah you're damn right this song from Oliver and Company is Top 10, this song is a jam
  2. Don't Ask Me Why
    Underrated great Joel song
  3. Piano Man
    Classic, timeless, obviously belongs on this list, but not as masterful as some of his others JUST BEING HONEST
  4. She's Always A Woman To Me
    A close to perfect love song, genuine and unpretentious
  5. My Life
    Yeah like this song gets you so amped I'm sorry I love it okay
  6. Movin' Out
    There's a reason so many of these songs are from "The Stranger," it's a perfect album. This song is so Joel, telling the stories of the people he grew up with. That's the best Joel. Plus that part where he goes ack-ack-ack rocks
  7. New York State of Mind
    ICONIC. Deserves the place in cultural history that Piano Man is currently taking up, but it still gets a lot of credit because it's so great
  8. Summer, Highland Falls
    One of Joel's favorite songs he's ever written, it is a deep cut we all need to wake up to. The piano skills on this song are other worldly. The lyrics are hecka relatable. It's so great!!!
  9. Vienna
    Another one of Joel himself's favorites, this song is damn near perfect. Dare you not to tear up.
  10. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
    Vienna would personally be my favorite but this is number one because it is Billy Joel's OPUS, by far his most impressive and on brand work. It's like three songs wrapped into one, telling the stories of the broken dreams of the working class kids he grew up with at a Red Sauce Italian place. The picture is so vivid. If aliens wanted to know what Billy Joel was about I'd play them this, yes this and not PIANO MAN ok bye