Spice up your food, spice up my life
  1. Mei Lin
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    We'd have a great time and make fun of other people there probably
  2. Stephanie Izard
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    So much fun, lots of dancing and smiles
  3. Michael Voltaggio
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    Is this a date? I think we're on a date
  4. Richard Blais
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    I don't think HE'D have fun but I appreciate him coming with me anyway to show how much he cares
  5. Kristen Kish
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    Yeah we'd have fun
  6. Ilan Hall
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    Maybe we'd make out
  7. Kevin Sbraga
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    It'd be a good time but I'm not sure he'd LOVE it
  8. Hung Huynh
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    Same as above
  9. Paul Qui
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    I forgot about this guy
  10. Nicholas Elmi
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    Forgot about this guy too
  11. Harold Dieterle
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    Harold seems cool but also like he'd complain or groan throughout a Spice Girls concert which is fair
  12. Hosea Rosenberg
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