Hello! I am currently on a month long trip around Southeast Asia and want to share my experience!! Anyway I'm gonna share pics from each of my destinations- deal w it!! Me and @calliegorman's first three days were in Bangkok. Here's the situation:
  1. First stop: Jim Thompson House
    No this was not my hotel. They don't allow pics here so I used this stock pic. But this was an amazing teak house that belonged to this expat ex CIA member who then vanished mysteriously in the jungle. It was the most beautiful house I've ever seen
  2. Next: House of Paws
    Oh I'd only been dreaming about going to this dog cafe for months. Guess what!!! It sucked. The dogs were all super aloof!!! Not into being pet at all and then just tried to hump each other. Conclusion: dogs don't belong in cafes
  3. Issaya Siamese Club
    This restaurant was a beautiful house nestled among palm leaves. Best lamb massaman curry ever!!!!
  4. Dessert was called Broken Bucket
    Basically they lay all these sauces out on a palm leaf then throw a chocolate bowl teeming with liquid nitrogen on top. It breaks and inside is delicious coconut cake!!!
  5. The Grand Palace
    This is single handedly the most beautiful place I've ever been. I thought I'd seen shit. I hadn't. It's indescribable
  6. Static
    Everything sparkled!!! Photos do not live up.
  7. Static
    All gold everything
  8. Wat Pho
    aka Temple of the Reclining Buddha. This is a huge buddha who just reclines like this. Pretty cool
  9. Static
    I tried to get a selfie by people were waiting and I was anxious and it all happened so fast. Anyway you can tell I've studied photography. Also we got Thai massages here which 70% felt amazing and 30% hurt like hell. You feel 100% amazing after tho
  10. Nai Mong Hoa Thod in Chinatown for lunch
    So this was the best food we've eaten the whole time. An oyster omelette. Who knew!!! It tasted like maple syrup caramel with umami fish sauce flavors and huge oysters and crispy eggs. That description can't even suffice though. Wholly un-American, one of the best things I've had in my life.
  11. Gaggan
    The menu is emojis!! As seen on Chef's Table. This place was so cool!!!!
  12. 🍋
    This was a lemony drink to start off
  13. 💥
    Gaggan's most famous dish: Yogurt Explosion
  14. 🍆
    Eggplant cookies. Like savory macarons!
  15. 🌑
    "Charcoal" filled with yummy shrimp
  16. 🍊
    These were like orange shortbread cookies with goat brain filling. Guess what: they were hecka good!!!!
  17. 🍦
    Wasabi ice cream in a mango cone with uni on top
  18. 🍓
    These strawberries were seriously the most amazing I've ever had. Apparently they're very expensive from Japan
  19. Chatuchak Market
    This market has everything from bathmats to squirrels. They have these soaps that smell exactly like every fruit you can imagine, plus corn. They smell exactly like corn if you're into that. What it doesn't have is trash cans which didn't seem to phase anyone but us.
  20. Unicorn cafe
    Yeah just a highly aesthetic cafe dedicated to unicorns. This is what Hilary spoke of when she said this is what dreams are made of
  21. Static
    The most instagrammable cake
  22. Wat Suthat
    These amazing temples are just casually peppered everywhere, like Starbucks in the US
  23. Drunken Noodles from Raan Jay Fai
    So this amazing woman cooks the best street food in Bangkok over a hot wok all day and rocks a sweet pair of goggles to protect her eyes from the smoke. These noodles were unreal.
  24. Static
    Crab omelette from Raan Jay Fai. We also had famous Pad Thai from a place nearby and let me tell you unpopular opinion but American Pad Thai is better
  25. Wat Arun
    Sadly it was under construction but it was still spectacular
  26. We took a boat from Wat Arun across the river
    So beautiful and fun.
  27. Then we flew off to Cambodia!!!
    Siem Reap coming soon!