I love Michael's but sometimes they need to be stopped
  1. Comic Sans with a touch of Papyrus
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  2. Crazy Cat Lady sign
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  3. Whatever is happening here
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  4. Minions Gingerbread House Kit
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    Is anything safe?
  5. Beanie Babies that are now giant and have sparkly eyes
    Ddfca18f 96e6 4e62 8978 b476206f9862
  6. 8.5x10in box of Nerds
    9c791b0b 5f3b 4229 801a 46092868ef8c
    Only other candy in a box this big was Hot Tamales?!
  7. "My Dog is a Democrat"
    E9c62f18 f971 4906 983b 8ff164e406e5
  8. Okay now here's the gift:
    Ba9d4289 61d0 41fb 985e 89b801dcdba6
    Tote bag covered in penguins that says "CHILL OUT!"