1. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
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    Obviously the coolest of the cool
  2. Jesse and the Rippers
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    I didn't know what cool was, and then I saw Jesse and the Rippers
  3. The Beets
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    Cool af
  4. Drive Shaft
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    You all everybody! That shit was cool
  5. Hep Alien
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    This band has a super cool, Asian female drummer AND Sebastian Bach, only thing that loses its cool factor is that Rory Gilmore was a fan
  6. Dingoes Ate My Baby
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    I've never even seen Buffy but this band has Seth Green in it so that skyrockets it
  7. Mouse Rat
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    Would probably be #1 if they weren't so heavily influenced by Dave Matthews
  8. Mystik Spiral
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    Trent was so hot but they lose cool points because of his soul patch
  9. The Tatas
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    Just some spunky moms. Would be less cool if Gayle wasn't there to give them an unpredictable edge
  10. Mission Control
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    Be still my heart for all these boys, but honestly only Desario was cool
  11. TwaüghtHammër
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    They tried... Kind of
  12. Chemical Toilet
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    Those looks
  13. Sound Mound
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    Sometimes it is too late for now
  14. Scrantonicity
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    I mean...
  15. Dr. Funke's 100% All Natural Good Time Family Band
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    Teamocil pushers, not cool
  16. Marnie & Desi
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    Nothing is less cool than Marnie & Desi performing while you're trying to enjoy a good brunch